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Monday, 19 March 2012

Travel planning

Phuket Island
In the last post I had mentioned about my Middle East travel. Yes travelling is another of my hobby. But this hobby has taken a back seat of late because of my little boy. I consider myself to be an organised traveller. Before embarking on a trip I usually visit the travel forums and review sites to zero in on a place. Then I do the research on hotel, places to visit etc. One of my favorite website for travel planning is This website provides a detailed account on the places to visit in United States of America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe etc. A detailed mention is made about few of the best attractions in the world like Phuket Island in Thailand, Loire Valley in France, Tingvellir National Park in Iceland etc. So the next time you plan a vacation be an informed traveller like me!!
Tingvellir National Park

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